Recommended Contractors and other Services
Please note that the listing of persons or businesses here does not constitute an endorsement by Palomino Lakes. These are simply listed by someone who has had experience with that person or small business and wants to let others in the community know in order to save the time and/or money.


Services Wanted:



Tom Mannatt (civil engineering & survey)
26880 Toyon, Cloverdale 894-4194 -- recommended by Brian

Pete Jackson & Associates (land surveyors)
Cloverdale 894-8494 -- recommended by Brian


Construction & Repairs:

Jay Labo / Labo Construction
Healdsburg 249-3573 -- recommended by Keith

Rich Johnson Painting (painting, including deck staining)
Cloverdale 894-3238 -- recommended by Brian

Martin Pulido / Quality Septic Service (septic location, inspection, clean out & minor repairs)
585-9000 -- recommended by Brian



Terry Phenicie / Valley Financial (house refinancing, incl. off-the-grid properties) Ukiah 463-0912 -- recommended by Brian


Garden & Yard:

Paul DenBeste / DenBeste Yard & Garden (top soil, barks, composts) 26916 Asti Road, Cloverdale 894-3781 -- recommended by Brian

Mark Lanz / TimberLake Tree Service (tree care & removal) 463-0903 -- recommended by Brian

Candice Clayton / ACE Hardware Nursery (irrigation, xeroscape & native plant advice) Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale, 894-2165 -- recommended by Brian


Body & Spirit (People & Pets):

Debra Colvard / BodyWork Counselor (Jin Shin Jyutsu therapist, therapeutic massage, nutritional consultations) 579-0915 -- recommended by Candice

Jaynellen Kovacevich (animal health & behavior problems) 894-3954 -- recommended by Brian

John Suttle (farrier) 876-1886 -- recommended by Debra


Submissions: If you would like to list someone here, please include a description, contact info
for that service, your email (referred by) and submit it here. Please note that these should be
someone you have had first-hand experience with here; and a service that is employed within
or for our homes or properties here in Palomino Lakes. Thanks!

Last Updated: May 30, 2018

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