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This website covers news, resources and upcoming events for the property owners association of the Palomino Lakes Community. It is intended to provide general information for property owners and others interested in our community.

Property owners or their representative seeking documents or information in order sell a property or title companies with demands should contact the Palomino Lakes Property Owners Association, plpoacommunication@palominolakes.org or call (707) 836-3593. Include the address of the property in question, the information requested, your name and contact information. Much information is available below so please check first.

Palomino Lakes is a Common Interest Development. The Palomino Lakes Property Owners Association is a California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corpoation.
Annual assessments are used primarily for the maintenance of the community's privately-owned roads and culverts and for landscaping in the common areas.

Current (2019-20 term) PLPOA Board of Directors:

Peter Sourek, President
Rob Davis, Vice-President
Michael Margetts, Secretary/Treasurer

PLPOA Rapid Contact Program:
Please let us know your email by clicking here so that we can provide notification of road problems or upcoming events!

PLPOA Board Meeting Minutes & Notes:

Note: Minutes posted are typically drafts until accepted/recorded at the following board meeting.
Annual Budget Report 2019 **NEW!**
Annual Report to Members 2019 **NEW!**
Minutes of Board Meeting March 1, 2019, Draft **NEW!**
Minutes of Board Meeting February 8, 2019
Minutes of Annual Meeting May 19, 2018
Minutes of Board Meeting March 12, 2018
March 2018 Newsletter
PLPOA Fine Schedule
PLPOA Annual Meeting Letter 2017
Annual Notice Assessments and Foreclosure
2017 2018 Davis Stirling Disclosure
Meeting of the Palomino Lakes Home Owners Association Members 05-13-17
Meeting Minutes 04-14-17
Palomino Lakes- POA MEETING Agenda 04-14-17
PLMWC 2016 Annual Meeting Sign In
Notice of Annual Meeting Nomination Committee formed 3-8-11
Minutes of Board Meeting July 16, 2016
July 17, 2016 Board Meeting
Summer 2016 Newsletter
Minutes of Annual Meeting May 21, 2016
May 21, 2016 Annual Meeting
Spring 2016 Newsletter
Winter 2016 Newsletter
Minutes of Board Meeting February 19, 2016
Minutes of the Special Board Meeting January 15, 2016
February 19, 2016 Board Meeting
January 15, 2016 Special Board Meeting {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting November 6, 2015 {pdf}
November 6, 2015 Board Meeting {pdf}
Fall 2016 Newsletter {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting March 23, 2015 {pdf}
January, 2015 Newsletter
Minutes of Board Meeting August 28, 2014 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting June 18, 2014 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting June 5, 2014 {pdf}
Minutes of May 31, 2014 Annual Meeting {pdf}
June 8 2013 Annual Meeting
May 19 2012 Annual Meeting
February, 2011 Newsletter
February 6, 2011 Board Meeting
December 11, 2010 Board Meeting
June 6, 2010 Special Meeting on Fire Prevention
May 15, 2010 Annual Meeting
May 23, 2009 Annual Meeting
May 13, 2009 Board Meeting
March 1, 2009 Board Meeting
August 16, 2008 Board Meeting
March 22, 2008 Board Meeting
March 2008 Newsletter {pdf}
February 5, 2008 Board Meeting
January 2007 Newsletter {pdf}
July 2006 Newsletter {pdf}
June 1, 2006 Newsletter {pdf}

PLPOA System-Specific Documents:
[In the listings below, Scanned/OCR is used to indicate an Optical Character Recognition engine was employed for conversion of an electronically-scanned document]

PLPOA Governing Documents:
Community CC&Rs -- Declarations of Restrictions, Conditions, Covenants and Agreements for Palomino Lakes [founding/governing documents for the community] {scanned/OCR}.
Early CC&R Amendments -- 1963 and 1966 amendments to CC&Rs in summary form.
May 2008 CC&R Amendment -- Amendment relating to rental properties.
May 2010 CC&R Amendment -- Amendment relating to fire prevention.
PLPOA Articles of Incorporation -- Amended September 1, 2007.
PLPOA Bylaws -- Amended September 1, 2007.
Dispute Resolution Procedure -- Adopted May 3, 2008
Deliquency Collection Policy -- Adopted August 16, 2008
Annual Notice to Members - Assessments and Foreclosure
CCR Change Implementing Fire Prevention -- Adopted July 19, 2010

Financial Statements:
Available to members upon request to the Treasurer

PLPOA Historical Board Member Listing

Other Links:
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Animal Control:
Sonoma County Animal Regulation Ordinance (see Ch. 5)
Animal Regulation Complaint Form {pdf}

Septic Tanks:
Epa Septic System Guide

Governing Agencies:
Sonoma County Board of Supervisors
Secretary of State
Sonoma County Permit and Resource Department -- building and permits

Codes & Regulations:
Sonoma County Vacation Rental Ordinance
California Code of Regulations
California Civil Code
California Health and Safety Code

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