Palomino Lakes Property Owners Association



Annual Meeting Minutes


         May 15, 2010

         10:00 AM




         Jim Lamb (present)

         Rick Corriea (present)

         Randy Decaminada (present))


                     Financials (as of 4/1/10):


On hand $20,445.24

Contingency Fund $12,087.50

Receivables $3,639.79


                     President’s Report:


         President Lamb introduced Andy Grose as Supervisor of Elections. Association members were invited to observe as Mr. Grose then proceeded to open and count ballots at a table to one side of the room


         President Lamb introduced Captain Terry Morgan and several firefighters from the Cloverdale Cal Fire station. Captain Morgan outlined Cal Fire’s ongoing prevention, inspection and enforcement efforts. Captain Morgan reported that all properties in Palomino Lakes were inspected in the last few weeks and notices left on all homes. Those homes where inspection revealed the need for corrective action will be re-inspected within the next few weeks. Properties will be cited if homeowners have ignored previous notices.


         Captain Morgan also noted that Sonoma County’s ongoing chipper program is again available and urged residents to take advantage of the program. Individual property owners may contact Rick Blackman at Cloverdale Fire, 894-3545, to discuss chipping on individual properties. The Association will also try to put together another community-wide chipping program. Volunteers will be needed to work with the fire department chipper crew.


         President Lamb reviewed Association activities for the past year. Road repairs were completed on Palomino and Mountain Pine roads and tree trimming and vegetation trimming was completed throughout the community. The culverts which cross under the roads were inspected and many required cleaning and repair – several were completely plugged. The culverts performed as designed in this year’s heavy rains.


         The President also outlined the road repair campaign for this year. A number of areas on Palomino Road are in need of repair and a contract for approximately $35,000 has been signed with Oak Grove Construction. Work will take place in early June. Several residents volunteered to help with traffic control, more volunteers are need.


                     Vice-President’s Report:


         Vice-President Decaminada reported that property on River Road, South of Crocker Road, has recently sold and the new owners are operating a junk yard and metal recycling facility. This activity is unpermitted and in violation of County regulations. The Association will file a complaint with the county. Residents are also urged to make complaint with Sonoma County Code Enforcement, 565-3717, as the county generally responds more quickly if it receives numerous complaints.


                     Treasurer’s Report:


         Treasurer Corriea reviewed the Association’s 2010/2011 budget and presented the 2009/2010 financial statement. The Association is solvent, paying its bills and has an adequate contingency fund. Assessments will remain the same for the 2010/2011 year. The Association was forced to write off $350 in uncollectible debts and has so far been unable to collect about $500 because of homeowner bankruptcy and a foreclosure.



                     Election Results:


                                 Supervisor of Elections Grose announced the results of the election:


                                 The Fire Prevention proposal passed 51 votes to 30 votes (62% to 38%).


                                 Rick Corriea, Randy DeCaminada and Jim Lamb were elected.




         The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:00 AM.