The Palomino Lakes Mutual Water Company
P.O. Box 687; Cloverdale, California; 95425
Board of Directors email: PLMWC Board of Directors

Upcoming Board Meeting -- phone, not in person

Time:                             Saturday July XX at noon
Call-in number:             1 669 900 6833
Meeting number:          882 6875 2381
Passcode:                      884632#  
"One Tap Mobile #"   16699006833,,88268752381#,,,,*884632#  
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Property owners, realtors, title companies, or other representatives:  contact us before the start of escrow! 
For documents, current account status, or other information needed to sell a property, contact Erica Lane,, 707-894-5477. 
Please include the address of the property, the information you need, your name, phone number, and email address.
See the "realtor" section farther down this page for other important information.

Current Consumer Confidence Report -- Information about water quality and system compliance.


Button--Contact Us  Drought and Conservation -- Mandatory conservation limits and fines
Button--Contact Us  Finding a Leak
Button--Contact Us  Reading your meter to identify leaks
Button--Contact Us  Another video on reading your meter
Button--Contact Us  Conserving water in your garden
Button--Contact Us  More about drought gardening
Button--Contact Us  John Oliver humorous factsheet on droughts (includes expletives)

Current (2022-23 term) PLMWC Board of Directors:

Button--Contact Us David Taber, President         (650) 326-2626
Button--Contact Us Brenda Thomas, Treasurer   (707) 331-0357
Button--Contact Us Edwin Acosta, Secretary       (707) 774-4653

System Operator: Lee Tolbert  (707) 481-3475

PLMWC Rapid Contact Program:
Please let us know your email and mobile phone by contacting the current Secretary so that we can notify you of water issues or upcoming events!
NOTE: information you provide us may be shared with fire, police, and other first-responders to facilitate emergency communications.

PLMWC is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization
Fees collected are used only for the operation and maintenance of the community's privately-owned water system.

CC&Rs, Articles & Bylaws:
PLMWC Articles of Incorporation -- The primary rules governing the corporation. Filed with the Secretary of State. (Amended March 2007) {pdf}.
PLMWC Bylaws -- The Board's (and the Mutual Water Company's) Operating Rules (Amended May 2018) {pdf}
California Corporation Code -- Sections 7XXX-8XXX (Div 2, Part 3) Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporations

Recent PLMWC Meetings and Mailings:

Minutes of Board Meeting, 7 Apr 2024 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 18 Feb 2024 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 18 November 2023 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 15 July 2023 {pdf}
Presentation for Annual Board & Community Meeting 29 May 2023 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 8 March 2023 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 18 November 2022 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 13 August 2022 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 21 May 2022 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 19 February 2022 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 2 October 2021 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 30 August 2021 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 30 May 2021 {pdf}
Presentation for Board Meeting, 30 May 2021 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 13 February 2021 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 9 December 2020 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 3 October 2020 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 1 August 2020 {pdf}
Minutes of Board Meeting, 18 January 2020 {pdf}
...earlier documents are available on request

Insurance/Realtor/Buyer Quick Reference:

System-Specific Documents:

Customer Information:
How To Read Your Water Meter {pdf} -- Instructions for reading your meter and determining water usage

General Policies -- General Policies for the PLMWC (revamped)
Drought and Conservation -- Mandatory conservation limits and fines (2015)
Current Rates -- The Rates and Assessments Policy effective February 2018 and amended October 2020
Collection Policy -- The PLMWC Collection Policy
Leak Adjustment Policy -- Policy Governing Credit for Leaks
Cross Connection Prevention Policy -- Policy Governing Cross Connections
Water System Emergency Policy -- Policy Governing Water System Emergencies 
System Operations Continuity Policy -- Policy Governing PG&E Power Outages (e.g., PSPS)
Emergency Response Plan -- How we deal with different types of emergencies
...earlier policies

System Info:
Our Well Permit -- Our current permit which specifies the source of our water and quantity we can take.

Water Testing / Quality:
2022 Consumer Confidence Report {pdf}
2021 Consumer Confidence Report {pdf}
2020 Consumer Confidence Report {pdf}
2019 Consumer Confidence Report {pdf}
2018 Consumer Confidence Report {pdf}
2017 Consumer Confidence Report {pdf}
2016 Consumer Confidence Report {pdf}
Palomino Lakes Vulnerability Summary {pdf}
...earlier reports

Financial Statements:
2023 CPA's Annual Financial Review {pdf}
2022 CPA's Annual Financial Review {pdf}
2021 CPA's Annual Financial Review {pdf}
2020 CPA's Annual Financial Review {pdf}
2019 CPA's Annual Financial Review {pdf}
2018 CPA's Annual Financial Review {pdf}
Past Financial Statements (Available upon request)

Other Reports:
2005 Water Quality Emergency Notification Plan {pdf}
2001 Source Water Survey {pdf}

Other Water Links:
These links are provided for the convenience of the site user and are not a representation of applicable laws, regulations, ordinances or governing entities.

Governing Agencies:
California State Water Resources Control Board - Division of Drinking Water
California State Water Resources Control Board
California Water Rights
North Coast Regional Water Control Board
Sonoma County Board of Supervisors
Sonoma County Water Agency
Sonoma County Permit and Resource Department
Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District

California Groundwater Association
California Rural Water Association

Cross Connection:
CDPH Cross Connection document {pdf}
Cross Connection Control / Backflow Prevention Resource Page
"Backflow Prevention: What Does It Mean to You"

Codes & Regulations:
California CDPH Bluebook (Water System Regulations) {pdf}
California Drinking Water-Related Laws
California Statutes Related to Drinking Water (January 2019)
California Regulations Related to Drinking Water (April 2019)
California Water Law Resource
California Civil Code
California Health and Safety Code

California DWR Water Resources Loans and Grants
California Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program

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