Palomino Lakes Property Owners Association



Special Meeting to discuss proposed restriction of ‘vacation rentals’:


         December 11, 2010

         10:00 AM




  • Jim Lamb (present)
  • Rick Corriea (present)
  • Randy Decaminada (absent)



         The board voted not to present the proposal to the membership for a vote. Lamb “No”, Corriea “No”, Decaminada absent.


         The board issued the following statement,


“Thank you to all who attended Saturday’s meeting and to those who emailed and contacted members of the board about vacation rentals. Your input was very helpful and appreciated.


The deliberations of the board were made much easier when, the day after we mailed copies of the vacation rental proposal, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors adopted its long delayed ordinance on vacation rentals. This ordinance, while not perfect, addressed many of the concerns expressed by those of you who wanted reasonable controls placed on vacation rentals while at the same time providing for those who were concerned about maintaining flexibility in the use of their property. There was broad support for the vacation rental ordinance expressed at the meeting.


The owners of two of the properties offered as vacation rentals have already committed to adhering to the terms of the ordinance. The board will contact the owners of a third property to discuss the ordinance and relay the community views expressed at the meeting.


The members of the board and most if not all of those present at the meeting felt that the county ordinance is the preferred method for dealing with this issue. Accordingly, the board voted not to submit the CC & R proposal for a membership vote.”




         The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:00 AM.