Palomino Lakes Property Owners Association



Annual Meeting Minutes


         May 23, 2009

         10:00 AM




         Jim Lamb (present)

         Rick Corriea (present)

         Andrew Forchini (absent)


         Financials (as of 4/1/09):


On hand $21,308.38

Receivables -$584.98


        President’s Report:


         President Lamb introduced Andy Grose as Supervisor of Elections. Association members were invited to observe as Mr. Grose then proceeded to open and count ballots at a table to one side of the room


        President Lamb reviewed Association activities for the past year. Road repairs were completed on Palomino and Mountain Pine roads and tree trimming and vegetation trimming was completed throughout the community. The Board worked with homeowners and the county to address issues of aggressive dogs and dogs running loose. The county responded to Palomino Lakes on three occasions and the results have been very positive.


         The President also outlined the road repair campaign for this year. Lower Mountain Pine Road has a seriously deteriorating area of approximately 2,500 sq. ft. that has to be addressed. In addition, several smaller areas on Palomino Road are scheduled for repair. Bids are being solicited.


         President Lamb also discussed the problems with the culvert/drainage ditch on Madrone Drive at Palomino Road. This area needs to be graded, the ditch cleaned out, and rip-rap installed. Bids are being solicited.


         President Lamb also reviewed a handout containing an email from the Association attorney, Barbara Zimmerman, and her proposed CC&R amendment requiring residents to comply with state and county fire prevention regulations. A brief discussion followed with attendees being generally supporting of the proposal. The proposal will be finalized and submitted to Association members for a secret ballot vote.


        Treasurer’s Report:


         Treasurer Corriea reviewed the Association’s 2009/2010 budget and presented the 2008/2009 financial statement. The Association is solvent, paying its bills and has built a small contingency fund. The Association was forced to write off $2,200 in uncollectible debts resulting from a homeowner bankruptcy and a foreclosure.


         Treasurer Corriea also pointed out that this year’s road repair campaign will require a short term loan from the water company. The water company has provided 60 day loans in advance of the Association’s October 1 assessment and in 2007 and 2008 and their help is greatly appreciated.


         Treasurer Corriea also noted that the Association has contracted with Pro Solutions, a professional collection agency, to collect seriously delinquent accounts. To date, one homeowner has been referred to Pro Solutions. Accounts are referred to Pro Solutions only after repeated collections attempts fail.


        Guest Speaker:


         President Lamb presented Brian Elliott, Chief of the Cloverdale Fire Protection District.


         Chief Elliott was accompanied by two fire fighters from CFPD and by Captain Terry Morgan of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) and four Cal Fire fire fighters.


         Chief Elliott discussed the state of fire prevention and fire fighting throughout California. Fire fighting resources are stretched thin and homeowners need to partner with fire fighting organizations if maximum fire prevention and minimum fire loss is to be realized.


         Chief Elliott presented a video review of the current state of fire prevention efforts in Palomino Lakes. Through photographs taken the week before the meeting, the Chief showed examples of good fire prevention efforts and also showed homes that would present serious challenges to fire fighters in the event of a wild fire. The message: Where homeowners take an active role in following state and county regulations, fire fighters have a much better chance of saving their homes. Chief Elliott repeatedly mentioned Toyon Lane as an area of special concern with its steep slopes and high fuel load.


         Chief Elliott provided a number of handouts including “Living With Fire in Sonoma County”, a pamphlet that he suggests all homeowners should have, understand and follow.


         The Chief also noted that there is now a wood chipper and operator available through Fire Safe Sonoma. President Lamb will coordinate with CFPD to try to get the chipper scheduled for Palomino Lakes.


         Chief Elliott and Captain Morgan and their fire fighters graciously agreed to remain during the break between the Association and Mutual Water Company meetings to answer individual questions from homeowners.


         Election Results:


         Supervisor of Elections Grose announced the results of the election:


o        Rick Corriea, Randy DeCaminada and Jim Lamb were elected




        The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:10 AM.