2007-2008 Palomino Lakes Property Owners Association Board

Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2008

4:30 PM


1. Attending:

Jim Lamb

Andrew Forchini

Rick Corriea


2. Financials (Current):

General Account


Receivables (outstanding billing)



3. Old Business:

  • None



4. New Business:

  • 1088 Palomino Road: This property has changed hands due to foreclosure. The Board has been in contact with the new owners and their representatives and will work enthusiastically with them to correct problems with this property.


  • Overdue Assessments: The board decided to send demands and notice of proposed legal action to three property owners who are far behind in paying their assessments.


  • Assessment collection and lien enforcement: The Board reviewed the proposed policy and voted to mail the proposal to members and scheduled a vote on the proposal for the next meeting. Lamb - Aye, Forchini Aye, Corriea Aye


  • Supervisor of Elections: The Board discussed the upcoming election and named Joe Chiantella as Supervisor of Elections and Chair of the Nominations Committee. Lamb - Aye, Forchini Aye, Corriea Aye


  • 2008 Budget: Reviewed and debated 2008 budget proposal. Agreed that roads remain the #1 priority with an estimated backlog of $30K to $35K. Also agreed to establish a contingency fund with a goal of $15K to $20K collected over three or four years. Finalized and adopted the 2008 budget which will be mailed to members prior to March 1. Lamb - Aye, Forchini Aye, Corriea Aye


  • Regular Meetings: The Board is concerned that state laws require open meetings but PLPOA meetings are typically held in the home of one of the Board members. Should more than a few members wish to attend a meeting the result can be very inconvenient for the directors and their families. The Board will look at ways to inexpensively hold meetings in a public place.



5. Agenda to Carry Forward:

  • To-Do List: All to review/update at next meeting


6. Next Meeting:

  • March 22, 2008, 10:00 AM

KOA Recreation Room, 1166 Asti Road, Cloverdale.


Meeting adjourned at approximately 6:00 PM.