Palomino Lakes Property Owners Association



Annual Meeting Minutes


·         May 19, 2012

·         11:00 AM


·                     Directors


·         Jim Lamb (present)

·         Rick Corriea (present)

·         Roger Shideler (absent))


·                     Financials (as of 4/1/12):


On hand                      $29,445.67

Contingency Fund      $12,500.00

Receivables                    $(369.55)


·                     President’s Report:


·         President Lamb introduced Andy Grose as Supervisor of Elections. Association members were invited to observe as Mr. Grose then proceeded to open and count ballots at a table at the rear of the room


·         President Lamb discussed plans for this year’s road repairs.  The roads came through the winter in pretty good shape and there is need for only a few minor repairs.  The bulk of this year’s effort will go to seal coating.  The seal coating done last year on Palomino dramatically improved both the water shedding performance of the roadway and its appearance.


·         President Lamb polled the audience regarding their desire to again have a community wide chipping program this summer.  There was a strong desire that the program be continued.  Jim will follow up.


·         Members were reminded that residents are required to trim flammable vegetation by July 1 and pointed out the requirement that vegetation within 10 feet of a roadway must be mowed.  The Association will send out violation notices in the event of non-compliance.


·                     Vice-President’s Report:


·         There no Vice-President’s report as Roger Shideler was called away on urgent business.


·                     Treasurer’s Report:


·         Treasurer Corriea reviewed the Association’s 2012/2013 budget and presented the 2011/2012 financial statement.  The Association is solvent, paying its bills and has an adequate contingency fund.  Assessments will increase from $150 to $155 per quarter beginning July 1, 2012.


·         Cloverdale Fire contacted us about the gate on upper Palomino Road.  They have the combination to the lock on the gate but are urging people to replace private locks with an approved “Knox” lock.  These locks are keyed alike, only the department has a key and they eliminate the need for the department to maintain lists of private lock combinations.  The lock has been ordered.


·                     Election Results:


·                                 Supervisor of Elections Grose announced the results of the election:


·                                 The No Soliciting sign question resulted in 37 “Yes” votes and 25 “No” votes


·                                 Rick Corriea, Jim Lamb, and Roger Shideler were elected.


·                     Adjournment:


·         The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:30 AM.